Weather phenomena constantly affect our daily lives. Weather can not only change a person’s plans for the weekend or the near future but also interfere in the historical process and significantly change the course of history, as well as:

  1. Natural phenomena are quite difficult to predict, and preventing a natural disaster is even more difficult.
  2. We can name ten cases where weather conditions have changed the course of history. People know that there is a water cycle and food chains (“the beetle ate the grass, the beetle pecked the bird, the ferret drank the brain from the bird’s head”) – but continue to arrogantly believe that they control nature and not vice versa.
  3. Nevertheless, the history of mankind is a story of both ups and downs, of the sudden extinction of some societies and the unexpected success of others, and it would be premature to reduce the causes of this process to shortcomings of religious or political systems.

A good essay on weather changes consists of statements supported by illustrations that emphasize the importance of the work done. The main task of the author is to argue existing ideas without the use of repetitions and unnecessary details that are not relevant.

How to Write the Essay About The Weather That Changed the Course of History?

The first thing you need to decide on is the format of the context of the strictly defined essay about weather changes. Your target audience, the parameters of the title page, and the length of which need to be taken into account in writing the text. But all the concentration should be on the main idea of the essay. It is important to understand that the author of the essay about the weather, first of all, requires a clear statement of the essence of a particular problem, its analysis, and conclusions. The quality of the sources is not indicated by their number because:

  • there may be fewer of them, but if they are directly related to your topic and have different points of view based on your own research;
  • such sources will provide a quality and structured framework for future material;
  • you should find sources that reflect all existing points of view on the subject – this will allow you to cover all aspects of the issue at hand in your essay;
  • gather all information that both supports your point of view and contradicts it.

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